A Simple Social Media Plan for Chiropractors

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Are you looking for a way to attract new leads to your clinic and build loyalty with existing clients? While a thoughtful website provides a structured look at your services, your company can go a step further to boost brand awareness by getting active on social media. Platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn are the perfect place to share a more personal view of your company, team, and services. Plus, an active social account becomes another link that shows up in the search results when potential customers are looking for chiropractic offices like yours online.

If you want to create an engaging social presence while operating a hands-on business, you’re going to need some help. With our user-friendly app, all your team has to do is take photos and videos now and then, and we handle the rest.

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Easy to Use Features

Feature is an app that’s designed to streamline social media for businesses. The concept is straightforward: Your team members take photos and videos and submit them to the app. From there, our social media experts choose content that matches your brand and post it to your pages. It’s a simple, cost-effective way to produce and publish fresh, original social content on a consistent basis.

  1. Streamlined Content Creation
    Creating new content for your business pages every month is time-consuming and hard to pull off, especially when your job involves constantly interacting with clients and hands-on chiropractic care. With Feature, team members of your choosing are responsible for generating the content for your social pages. All they have to do is take photos and videos of interesting things at work – something they might be doing already. This provides your clientele with an authentic, behind-the-scenes view of your business that makes them feel comfortable and welcomed at your office.
  2. Content Filtering
    Not every photo or video your team submits to Feature is used on your social platforms. Our experts regularly comb through your submissions to find content that’s “Feature-worthy” and adheres to your company’s social media objectives.
  3. Copy and Graphics
    When a user uploads a file to Feature, their location is automatically tagged, and there’s a caption box they can fill out. This information helps our social pros write a relevant caption. With some Feature plans, we also edit content and add graphics when called for, such as your company logo.
  4. Scheduling
    Using the latest research and best practices, we schedule your social posts to publish at optimal times. As long as your team members regularly submit fresh content to Feature, we can build your online presence with carefully crafted and scheduled posts.

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A social media app that makes it convenient for your business to upload content anytime, anywhere.