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A Simple Social Media Strategy for Motorsports Dealers

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If you’re looking to bring more attention to your business and create better relationships with potential and existing customers, social media is the perfect solution. Being active on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube allows you to show off what your company is all about and build trust with your target audience. However, when you’re busy running a small business, there’s not a lot of time for social media. Planning photoshoots, creating content, and getting it scheduled on the right channels at the right time to achieve optimum results is a job in itself.

After recognizing a need to streamline social media for busy business owners like you, we created Feature. It’s an app your team uses to upload photos and videos they take on the job. Our social media experts filter through the submissions, polish them, and get them posted or scheduled.

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Easy to Use Features

We understand the type of content your customers want to see on social media. To name a few examples, they want an insider’s look at your lineup, with details about what makes each machine worth buying. They want to know about new bikes and ATVs right when they come out. They want deals. They want to know that if they buy a dirtbike or side by side from you, they can trust your company to deliver great customer service and a quality product.

All of those things can be easily demonstrated by posting photos and videos on social media on a regular basis. Feature’s job is to make it easier to generate and post this content your audience craves.

  1. Streamlined Content Creation
    To generate content, your team members just have to do something they probably do already: take photos and videos of cool stuff at work. After you give your team (or a select few employees) access to the Feature app, they can log in whenever and wherever and upload files from their smartphones. This simplifies the process of attaining ongoing assets for your social pages and fills your feed with authentic content.
  2. Content Filtering
    If you gave one of your employees login access to post all of these photos generated by your team, they might post something inappropriate. They might make a spelling error, or write an insensitive caption. Unless you have someone on the team who thoroughly understands digital marketing and social media strategy, they might post on the wrong platforms at the worst time of the day for your audience. Feature prevents all of that and other social media mistakes, because real social media pros filter through your team’s submissions to select images and videos. We only post “Feature-worthy” content that aligns with your brand’s unique voice, mission, and goals.
  3. Copy and Graphics
    When a user uploads a file to Feature, their location is automatically tagged, and they have a box to write a caption. Whatever details they include help us create a caption that’s engaging, error-free, and optimized for social media. If you want us to edit your photos and videos or add things like your company logo, we do that too, depending on your plan.
  4. Scheduling
    As social media platforms continue to prioritize friends and family content over brands, it’s getting harder and harder for businesses to get their posts seen. We do research and get to know your audience so we know where and when to post for the best results. As long as your team sends in new content on a regular basis, we can help you build a better social media presence.

Feature can be a valuable social media tool for motorsports dealers of all sizes. Want to talk more with a digital media expert? Contact us today!

A social media app that makes it convenient for your business to upload content anytime, anywhere.