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A Simple Social Media Management Plan for Home Services Companies

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What You Get with Feature

  • Streamlined Content Creation

    Feature is designed to produce new before-and-after photos, video clips, and other engaging content for your pages on a regular basis.

  • Content Filtering

    Every project you do is interesting, every photo your team sends… not so much. Don’t worry, we won’t publish something unless it’s Feature-worthy.

  • Copy & Graphics

    We can polish every aspect of your content so it’s engaging, error-free, and unique to your brand.

  • Scheduling

    Utilizing industry knowledge and best practices, we schedule your content at optimum times.

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If you run a home services company, your business is essential for homeowners in your community. For years, the best way to reach those local customers was through word of mouth, but these days, most people turn to the internet to find home services providers. There are many online channels that can help you reach new clientele, and social media is one of the most effective. Posting regularly to platforms like Facebook, Linkedin, and Instagram is a great way to boost brand awareness, reach potential customers, and foster deeper connections with current customers.

As a small business owner though, you’re already juggling a multitude of tasks. You don’t always have time to strategize and create social media content. If you need help building an effective social media presence, check out Feature. It’s an app that makes it easy to produce the authentic social content your audience craves, without having to spend hours creating and posting content or hiring a social media manager to do it for you.

Feature can streamline social media management for nearly any home services company. We believe it’s well-suited for a variety of industries, including:

Building a better social media presence with Feature can help you reach new markets, increase brand awareness, and drive sales. Check out pricing and contact us today to get started!

How It Works

  1. When you sign up for Feature, you’ll download the app and invite your team members to do the same. You decide who on your team gets access, whether that’s the entire crew or just a few trusted employees.
  2. While on the job, users capture before-and-after photos of finished projects, short videos, and other candid moments on the job site to be featured on the company’s social media pages. At the end of the day or whenever they get a moment, users then upload their content to the app, add captions, and hit send – and we take it from there.
  3. Each week, our social media experts filter through the submissions and select feature-worthy content. Depending on your plan, on-brand captions and graphics are added before your social posts are scheduled. Learn more about how it works here!

How We Select Feature-Worthy Content

Once your team has downloaded Feature, there’s no limit to the number of submissions they can send each week, but we’ll only post the best content to your social media pages. Determining what’s feature-worthy comes down to our knowledge of your industry, audience, and unique brand characteristics.

As digital marketing experts, we’ve worked with countless home services companies, and we’re very familiar with your target audience. We understand what homeowners are looking for when it comes to roofers, landscapers, carpet cleaners, plumbers, moving companies, and other home services providers; They want great customer service, quality products and installation, and fair pricing. Most importantly, they want to feel like they can trust workers who may be coming in and out of their homes.

We also take the time to get to know what makes your company unique. When you sign up for Feature, we’ll schedule a time to discuss your company history, audience, goals, and more. Combined with our industry expertise, this information will help us establish clear guidelines for the type of content that’s best suited for your audience. When submissions roll in, we’ll only post photos and videos that meet your brand guidelines, ensuring your social media content is consistent and engaging. Plus, we’ll even give your team tips on how to capture higher quality images and video. Contact us today to learn more!

A social media app that makes it convenient for your business to upload content anytime, anywhere.