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A Social Media Plan for A/V & Security Companies

AV setup in home

As a business that sends technicians into customers’ homes, it’s critical for your A/V and security company to have a solid online reputation. Most people are careful about who they let into their homes – even when it comes to security companies – and the majority will conduct thorough online research to find a provider that seems credible and fits their needs. Social media is one of the most affordable and effective ways to reach these potential customers while they’re searching and establish your business as experienced and trustworthy.

Social platforms, like Facebook and LinkedIn, offer the unique opportunity to provide a transparent yet polished view of your company on the job and behind the scenes. However, as the owner of an A/V and security company, your calendar is full. You likely don’t have the extra time it takes to build a strong social media brand, and you might not have the budget to hire a full-time social media manager.

If you’re looking for a hassle-free social media plan for your A/V and security business, check out Feature. It’s an app that makes it easy to generate and schedule new content each month for your company’s social pages.

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Easy to Use Features

Our user-friendly app is designed to streamline social media for business owners who don’t have time to brainstorm creative concepts, create and edit photos and videos, and schedule posts on a regular basis.

It’s quite simple: Your team captures photos and videos on the job and in the office and uploads them to Feature. As submissions roll in, our social media experts polish the raw content and post or schedule it to your pages. This way, your employees get involved in your company’s culture and social media presence without getting direct login access to your accounts.

  1. Streamlined Content Creation
    Before-and-after photos, unique installations, and short customer testimonial videos make for engaging content that shows off what your company is all about. This type of content is perfect for social media! With Feature, your team members can log in to the app and upload photos and videos from their smartphones. This simplifies the process of attaining ongoing assets for your pages and ensures your feed is always filled with the authentic content social audiences crave.
  2. Content Filtering
    While your team can upload as many photos and videos as they like, content that’s not “Feature-worthy” won’t be posted. Our social media pros filter through your submissions regularly and only post the content that best aligns with your brand standards and social media objectives (which we define with you during a kick-off meeting).
  3. Copy and Graphics
    When a file is uploaded to Feature, the app automatically tags the user's location to provide additional context for our social experts. Users can also write a caption or simply provide a few notes for our team to build on to create a captivating post. Depending on your plan, we can also edit the image or video and add graphics or branding, such as your company logo.
  4. Scheduling
    Utilizing best practices on when and where to post, we publish and schedule content to your company’s social pages. As long as your team continues to upload submissions each month, you won’t have to lift a finger to grow an engaging social media presence.

Feature can take social media marketing off your plate, so you can focus on what you do best – running your A/V and security business! If you’d like to learn more about how Feature can streamline social for your company, contact us today!

A social media app that makes it convenient for your business to upload content anytime, anywhere.