A Simple Social Media Plan for HVAC Companies

Any business that sends technicians into customers’ homes must have a solid online reputation. Most people are wary of letting strangers into their homes, and the majority will research companies online to choose one that seems most credible. Social media is one of the most cost-effective ways to reach these potential customers while they’re searching and establish your company as experienced and trustworthy.

Platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn allow you to create a transparent yet strategic view of your company on the job and behind the scenes. However, as the owner of an HVAC business, you probably don’t have much, if any, extra time on your hands for social media.

If you need help creating a better social media presence for your HVAC business, try Feature. Our user-friendly app is the next best thing to hiring a social media manager, and it protects your business from social media faux pas.

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Easy to Use Features

  1. Streamlined Content Creation
    Before-and-after photos, employee spotlights, and short video clips are hard to plan out, but every day on the job, there are interesting things happening. After you give team members access to the Feature app, they can log in whenever and wherever and upload photos and videos from their smartphones. This simplifies the process of attaining ongoing assets for your social pages and fills your feed with authentic content.
  2. Content Filtering
    Don’t worry, content that’s not “Feature-worthy” won’t be posted to your company’s social pages. Our social media experts filter through the submissions regularly to select images and videos that align with your brand standards and social media objectives.
  3. Copy and Graphics
    When you upload a photo or video, Feature automatically tags your location to provide additional info for the social pros reviewing the submissions. You can add your own caption or just include the who, what, and where. We use your notes to create a caption that’s engaging, on-brand, and free of errors. When it’s called for, we can also edit the image or video and add graphics or branding, such as your company logo.
  4. Scheduling
    Utilizing best practices on when and where to post, we publish and schedule content to your company’s social pages. As long as your team members continue sending in submissions each month, you won’t have to lift a finger to build a better social media presence.

Feature can be a valuable social media management tool for HVAC businesses of all sizes. If you’re ready to talk about how Feature can streamline social for your company, contact us today!

A social media app that makes it convenient for your business to upload content anytime, anywhere.