A Simple Social Media Plan for Plumbers

Plumber working on sink

As the owner of a plumbing business, you might not think social media is worth the time and effort. You’ve got a lot on your plate already, and the problems you solve for your customers usually aren’t exactly pretty to look at. But while social media may not seem as natural of a fit for a plumbing company as it is for say, a bakery, countless plumbers are in fact on social media finding creative ways to show off their services and drive leads to their websites. If your plumbing business isn’t active on social media, you’re likely leaving benefits on the table and falling behind your competitors.

Back in the 1990s, if a homeowner’s drain was clogged, they’d choose a plumber based on a friend’s recommendation or a print ad in the yellow pages. Today, that search has moved online. Homeowners now use social platforms like Facebook to ask for referrals, and many will click through as many websites and profiles as it takes to find a plumber who best meets their needs. If you want their business, you need to meet them where they are searching.

Social media is one of the most cost-effective ways to reach customers at the right time and show off what makes your brand unique. If you need help simplifying social media for your plumbing business, check out Feature! It’s a user-friendly app that makes it easy to post fresh content to your company’s social pages on a regular basis, without giving your employees direct access to your accounts.

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Easy to Use Features

Feature engages your team to contribute to your company’s culture and overall goals. While your staff captures the moments that make your company and services or products unique, our social media experts transform the raw content into polished, engaging posts and schedule them to your pages.

  1. Streamlined Content Creation
    New product features, employee spotlights, and on-site project photos show potential customers the interesting things you work on daily. By giving select employees or your entire team access to the Feature app, new photos and videos will be continuously generated, making it easy to gather new assets every month and fill your platforms with authentic content.
  2. Content Filtering
    It’s inevitable that some of the photos and videos your team uploads may not be “Feature-worthy.” Our digital marketing specialists filter through the submissions to select the content that best enhances your brand and aligns with your standards and objectives.
  3. Copy and Graphics
    Feature automatically tags the location of each photo and video uploaded to the app, providing our social media pros with more information to create clear, captivating posts. Users have the option to add captions or to simply note the who, what, and where. Whether users provide a caption or rely on us to write one, we ensure it’s engaging and error-free. We can also edit the image or video to add logos or branding, depending on your plan.
  4. Scheduling
    We use social media best practices to publish and schedule fresh content to your pages. As long as your employees submit photos and videos on a regular basis, our team can enhance your social platforms without you lifting a finger.

Feature is a valuable social media management tool for plumbing businesses of all sizes. If you’re ready to learn how Feature can streamline your company’s social media, contact us today

A social media app that makes it convenient for your business to upload content anytime, anywhere.