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A Social Media Plan for Your Pet Services Brand

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If you run a pet business, social media is a no-brainer. You know that posting on Facebook and Instagram makes sense – who doesn’t love a cute dog pic or cat video? Simply sharing your day-to-day clients on social media can easily help grow your online reputation and drive new leads to your website. But is it the best use of your time and energy? You’re busy running a business, so social media is probably not your highest priority most days. But if you can’t find the time to post consistently, some experts would say you might as well not have a page at all.

After recognizing a need to streamline social media for small business owners like you, we created Feature. It’s a user-friendly app designed to generate fresh, original content for your company’s social pages on a regular basis.

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Easy to Use Features

Feature is an app your team uses to upload photos and videos for your company’s social pages. The submissions are sent to our social media pros, who review the content, optimize it, and schedule it to your pages. This simplifies the process of brainstorming, creating, editing, and scheduling social content every month.

  1. Streamlined Content Creation
    Planning and executing photo and video shoots to obtain social media assets can be both time-consuming and expensive. Plus, you don’t really need new professional photos every month for social media because the audience there actually prefers to see a more dressed-down view of your company behind the scenes. Feature engages your team members (you choose which ones) to create the assets by doing what they probably do already: take photos and videos on their smartphones.
  2. Content Management
    Your team can upload an unlimited number of photos and videos to Feature, but submissions won’t be posted unless they’re “Feature-worthy.” Our social media experts determine what to post based on industry knowledge and your company’s social goals.
  3. Copy and Graphics
    On social media, captions are just as important as photos and videos. Feature automatically tags the user’s location when a file is uploaded, and there’s a box for adding a caption. Our social pros use whatever details are provided to create engaging, error-free captions that match your company’s brand voice. If you want your logo or other graphics added, we offer that too!
  4. Scheduling
    To achieve optimum performance on social media, posts should be scheduled at certain times of the day. We take care of scheduling for you to ensure every post will achieve as many impressions as possible.

Feature is a valuable social media management tool for pet services brands of all sizes. Want to learn more? Contact today to get started!

A social media app that makes it convenient for your business to upload content anytime, anywhere.